The Theo Pouw Groep takes care of all the transport of primary and secondary building materials, contaminated soil and construction and demolition waste. Proper consultation with our clients results in efficient and flexible tailor made solutions. To ensure your logistics process runs as optimally as possible, transport and supply can take place via road, water or rail. Hereby we deploy our own fleet of vehicles and our ships. Loading and unloading is carried out with our own equipment, by our own employees.

Vehicle fleet

For transporting materials we have various means of transport. Our vehicles are equipped with positive pressure cabs and cover hatches for transporting contaminated materials. To safeguard the quality and deployability of our equipment, we do the maintenance ourselves. Our trucks can only be rented including the driver. 

Pump mixer

With our pump mixer, cranes, concrete buckets and wheelbarrows are no longer necessary. Our pump mixer pumps its load directly to the work and processes the concrete mortar which is supplied by the concrete mixers. Because a hose can be attached to the pump mixer, this provides a solution for locations which are difficult to access. The maximum distance is 20 meters horizontally or 24 meters vertically.


We have four own ships: Motorised barges Alexander and Wessel and motor ships Rosanne and Thom. GPS provides excellent insight into the location of our barges. Loading and unloading takes place just-in-time (JIT), without unnecessary waiting times and movements which leads to a reduction of the CO2 emissions.

Motorbeunschip Alexander

Motorschip Rosanne

Motorbeunschip Wessel